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The 5 Best HR Software in 2020



Did you know that 30% of new hires quit within their first 3 months in a new job? A high statistic, especially when you consider the costs and time commitment required to search, interview and onboard a new member of your team. Staff retention, employee satisfaction, performance management - these are all crucial aspects of any HR professionals role, never more so than during a global pandemic. Stress levels are higher, burnout is much more common and everyone is experiencing some form of overwhelm with the new way of working.

A common request from our clients is needing help streamlining their HR processes while still retaining that all-important human aspect of the role. Especially in larger teams, it can be easy to detach from the names on a staff list and forget that these are all individuals who need support, respect and development. Tech solutions can be a great way to put a focus on the well-being and performance of your team while making life easier at the same time! 

Remember, it isn’t all about efficiency, these HR platforms have the potential to increase employee engagement and encourage your team to get fully involved with their personal development - if you’re using the software correctly that is!

The recent spotlight on the importance of health and well-being means you need a system to track the impact COVID-19 is having on your team and their performance as well as making a clear, open plan for future programmes. Having a central point means you can understand your people and encourage connectivity and collaboration in a remote environment. This can be especially useful if you’re managing teams across countries and timezones when traditional calls and meetings are even more difficult.

Why is it important to have a happy team? Remember, happy people mean happy clients and customers. As we have said a million times, it isn’t just an HR issue, it’s a performance issue. You want your entire company to feel at their best as often as possible, so they in turn represent your brand well and give your customers the best possible experience.

Our top 5 HR platforms are:

1. Breathe

The chosen software of SmartPA HQ. It’s cloud based so great for remote teams and offers excellent ‘self-serve options’, including leave and sickness requests and 1-2-1 prompts, encouraging team members to be proactive in their personal development and working time. It also has a great shift booking option, fantastic for employers trying to organise rosters of staff. We especially like the goal setting aspect, which encourages a performance-based team dynamic.

2. BambooHR

Bamboo is definitely the right choice if you’re really strapped for time. Allowing the automation of a lot of mundane/admin-based tasks, plus there is an app, so you can keep track even if you’re out and about.

3. JobDiva

This is a great choice if you’re recruiting heavily. It has multiple features for searching and shortlisting potential candidates as well as a specific section for development and training. Perfect for fast growing enterprises!

4. People

People works across every aspect of the HR spectrum, so it is great for your first foray into HR software. Bear in mind they offer a per employee pricing structure, so could get pricey if you have a large team to enroll on there!

5. BerniePortal

This is a great choice if you’re a midsize company. It offers pretty much most of the functionality you might need when getting started and is a reliable choice. Easy to set up and navigate, this is a no frills system which will help get the job done, especially if you’re a bit behind the times with your HR practices.

We support clients on a range of HR support functions, from managing TUPE to amending diversity and staffing policies. We help with documentation, employment law, tribunals, software set up, process implementation, best practice advice and so much more! At a time like this where tough choices need to be made and hard conversations are taking place across the globe, make sure you have the right advice to do the best you can by your staff and protect your business for the future.

Find out what companies have been supporting employee wellbeing during COVID19. 

As the world becomes more focussed on positive workplaces, can you afford not to place a focus on your HR practices and the well-being of your wider team?