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How To Survive Lockdown Half Term

Half Term 2


The first half term in the Working from Home era is coming.  

The kids are back in the house. You’ve still got jobs to complete and customers calling. 

How can you survive the school holidays and keep everyone happy? Here’s our survivor’s guide to remaining stress-free in these times of Covid-19. 

Embrace the Opportunity  

Coronavirus has generated a whole new world of remote working, virtual assistants and video calls. Parenting, similarly, has a whole new look as we try to keep that work-balance intact.  

So why not use the school break as an opportunity to switch off a little from the office or workplace? Be clear in when you are not available to colleagues and alter that voicemail or out-of-office.  

Find smart ways to delegate. Use outsourcing. Bring in extra support so you can enjoy priceless quality time with your kids. 

Practice a New Skill 

Never learnt how to be a pro on Fifa, a high-speed chaser on Grand Theft Auto or an ace on Fortnite? Here’s the chance of a little bonding (you were just letting them win - obviously) 

Maybe, you didn’t refine your baking skills during lockdown. You and your offspring can finally follow in the footsteps of Dame Mary Berry. And the good news is that flour, yeast and chocolate sprinkles are back in stock at the supermarket.  

When they’re winning Great British Bake Off one day, they’ll thank you. 

Time is Money 

… and money is a great incentive. Straight-up cash is so 18th century when it comes to getting those chores off your plate. To make the most of the extra resources available on Team Family, add a splash of performance-related incentives.  

How fast can they tidy their room or clean that floor? Or brush up autumn’s leaves?  

Now’s the time to find out. Just be ready to pay by contactless. 

The New Normal is Your Friend 

If you have no option but to plonk your precious children in front of CBBC/Netflix/YouTube so you can crack on with some work, nothing says you are still engaged better than a FaceTime from your desk. Honestly. 

But we’re all trying out fresh ways to juggle.  

You could get someone else to handle your calls or social media posts for a few hours at a time so that potential customers don’t go elsewhere. Or lessen the load while your business research or admin is professionally completed so you can be there for your family. 

Luckily, SmartPA can help with all that – and so much more.  

Unlock all the fun of half term with our full range of support services, designed to win back your valuable time (and make you a popular parent).

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