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SmartPA Welcomes A New Business Development Director!


Women are making inroads in business, around the world. At SmartPA, we are committed to supporting and empowering women in business. We have recently demonstrated our commitment to female empowerment and equal working practices by introducing our Director of Sales and Business Development and 5th female department head: Tracey Stark.

SmartPA Founder, Sarra Bejaoui notes:

“At SmartPA, we are incredibly proud of our dedication to female equality. I founded this company with a commitment to help encourage entrepreneurship and provide women with the necessary skills to be successful business owners. Tracey brings with her vast experience and innovative ideas to further develop the success of SmartPA. We are delighted to welcome Tracey to the team and look forward to her future with SmartPA!”

Tracey commented:

“I am thrilled to have been appointed as Sales and Business Development Director for SmartPA - I’m joining an amazing team at a very exciting time! The opportunities for growth are immense. SmartPA is already a leader in its field and has been at the forefront of the Virtual Assistance industry since it started in 2008. The business landscape is rapidly changing, and the way companies and entrepreneurs do business in the future is going to require innovation and flexibility, especially around resource management.

Remote working has become the norm, and businesses across all industries are looking at ways to save money and introduce agile ways of working, without compromising on quality. SmartPA can offer this solution and our clients range from start-ups and SMEs to multinational corporations. We have experienced a huge rise in demand since the start of Covid and expect this to keep rising as business returns.

SmartPA’s proposition is going to massively influence business trends – outsourcing, workforce planning and the real need to save costs whilst businesses are transforming.

Companies are looking at ways to reduce costs and improve profitability. They are using new business priorities to rethink and restructure the workplace. They have made huge savings on travel and office costs and are now looking at outsourcing as part of their workforce strategies.

Many businesses have seen a huge upturn in business over the last six months and require help and support to allow them to focus on their customers. This is where SmartPA solutions can make a massive difference.”