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    The 5 Best HR Software in 2020


    Did you know that 30% of new hires quit within their first 3 months in a new job? A high statistic, especially...

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    6 Behavioural Similarities in Sport and Business

    There has always been a clear link between sports and business. Similar metaphors, a team environment and some...

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    The Benefits of Remote Working: Is The Office Dead?

    Great debate surrounds remote working with the likes of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer opposed to her employees working...

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    Flexible Working: 9 Benefits for Your Business

    Flexible working is becoming more commonplace in today’s work environment. Many companies are starting to understand...

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    The building blocks to help make your business great

    Whether you're just starting out in business or are looking to grow and get ahead in your market, being aware of...

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    Should Your Business Adopt Agile Working?

    Agile working is a model that empowers and entrusts colleagues to “think creatively about when, where and how they...

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    Dear SmartPA, I need help with productivity!

    This is a very common cry for help. Especially in those early days of your business - trying to do everything and be...

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    Culture in The Business Community

    Modern technology has opened up new marketplaces that allow us to promote our businesses in new geographical...

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    101 Excel hacks you need to learn

    Learning to use Excel properly is a talent in itself. Many people spend a lot of time using it without ever truly...

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    Top companies supporting employee wellbeing during COVID-19

    Wellbeing, or wellness, is a state of being where you, as an individual, generally feel in a good place. This can be...

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