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Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience


“The customer is always right.” Right?

That idea didn’t magically appear out of thin air.


Customer service is vital to any business. Get this right and you’ll not only keep your existing clients happy.


You’ll have new ones knocking at your door. It will reduce your sales and marketing costs and have a happier staff within your company.


That 5-star experience requires a commitment to consistent excellence that sets you apart from your competition.


Whether it’s by phone, in person or online, every interaction must make your customer feel valued.


So here are our top tips on delivering the best experience possible – over and over again.

1. Phone

That first phone contact can be make or break.


Customers want to speak to someone who is knowledgeable, proactive and cares about their queries and provides them with a solution or a next step.


No answer, or ‘call you back when I’m not busy’ can be the end of the line.


Increasingly, businesses – from sole traders all the way to international corporations - are using call handling services which allow resources to be devoted to other tasks.


It might be for the occasional hour or all the time. They can also bridge the gap during holidays or times of illness.


It ensures that someone is always available to customers, 24/7, 52 weeks of the year.


Learn more about Call Handling.

2. Marketing Emails 

You have valued customers. Or, a list of potential clients who might use your product or service.


Let them know you are here, ready and able to help. Use your contact database as the source for an email marketing strategy that can win new business and build awareness of what you do well.


Could they sign up to your newsletter? Have they made a purchase and are there other products or services they might like? Let them know!


By keeping in touch, you are encouraging repeat purchases. And you gain a better understanding of how your customers prefer to engage, how they like to be contacted and when.


Learn more about Email Marketing.

3. Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, even TikTok.


They’re places to follow friends and stay in touch. They’re also business tools and a hugely useful two-way communication channel.


90% of people surveyed by Sprout Social have used social in some way to communicate directly with a business.


Many companies are hesitant to engage with social media as the fear of negative conversations or posts on your page can be disheartening.


But, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Addressing negative comments publically is a great way to show your transparency.


By consistently being empathetic, accountable, and helpful on your social media channels, you can build your reputation and win new customers (and friends).


Download your free social media content calendar template.

4. Chatbots 

What if your website had a voice and could immediately respond to enquiries?


Chatbots engage with your customers online and tell them you are there to help.


Through online chats, you create the feeling of a natural conversation, responding to questions and offering help.


Most chatbot services will also help you create a list of frequently asked questions. With automated answers, it means that that even out of hours, your customers get the care and attention they want.


And it will generate sales and a positive image.


Explore Customer Relations Management.

5. After Sales Care 

Whether you’ve sold a product or provided a service, if you leave a positive lasting impression, you’ll be top of mind in the future.


Sending satisfaction surveys to your customers shows that you value their partnership and feedback.


You can also use reviews on sites such as Google, Trustpilot or CheckATrade as marketing tools that say ‘people love what we do’.


Or benefit from the information as data and research to find out where that next happy customer can be found and how you keep the ones you have.


How to work with customer research


Georgia Flanagan is Marketing Manager of SmartPA


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